The Spark Futbol Summer Academy exists to ‘fill the gaps’ in aspiring junior and youth players (6-16) individual football development and experience.

Tailored for committed players and families seeking an ‘outcome’ from their football experience and training. Individually. Not just ‘more of the same’.

Those selected into the Academy have the opportunity to accelerate their individual development holistically by working closely with their coaches and mentors across the Spark Futbol 4-Key Pillars of Player Development throughout the year.

Intelligence ~ Technique ~ Biomechanics ~ Mindset

With the primary purpose of maximising each player’s football potential and love for the game.

On-ground the players train under the ‘Deconstructed Box Game Method’. Designed and created by Spark Futbol and inspired by some of the leading global practises and trends in coaching today.

Using our unique approach to Player-Centred ‘Pattern Recognition’ – the DBG Method is designed to create highly intelligent and technically better footballers that are therefore more effective in the game.

The player’s biomechanical and mindset development is then supported both online and on ground. Led through our ‘Expert Mentor’ program. Where we open up our network to provide direct access to internationally recognised global leaders in these fields.

As part of the program, players also play in the Premier Academy League (PAL) Summer competition (Term-4) – the premier junior and youth SSG competition in Sydney for leading Private Academies state-wide.

Only players selected and invited into the Academy should register.

For more information and to put your child forward for consideration please click the EOI (Expression of Interest) button below. 

2023 Summer Academy Player Experience & Inclusions:

  • 2x Weekly Spark Sessions – totalling 16x sessions in Term-4
  • 6x PAL Match Days (circa 12x PAL games for the term)
  • 6x Pre-Match Team Tactical Spark Sessions
  • 2x ‘Expert Mentor’ Sessions
  • $50 Active Kids Discount Eligible

Academy Weekly In-Term Training and PAL Match Days:

  • Academy Trainings Sessions run on Mondays & Wednesdays.
  • Optional extra Technical Training Sessions run on Fridays.
  • PAL Match Days run on Sundays (Minimum 6 per term).
  • All trainings to run out of Macquarie University Sporting Fields (but subject to change).
  • All PAL Match Days to run out of WSW Wanderers Football Park, Blacktown (but subject to change).
Term-4 2023 (Oct-Dec)
Macquarie University Sporting Fields & Wanderers Football Park
6-16 Years Boys & Girls
$895 (plus kit)
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