As recently announced, in some very EXCITING NEWS … the Premier Academy League (PAL) – Australia’s biggest Junior / Youth SSG Competition of which Spark Futbol is a Member Academy – will be continuing it’s highly successful Pre-PAL ‘Development Academy League’ (that launched Winter 2023) this Summer (Term-4) for U6s & U7s (players born in 2016 and 2017).

Running in conjunction with the PAL Summer Season Schedule – the U6 & U7 Pre-PAL Development Academy League will run on early Sunday mornings @ the state-of-the-art Football-5s venue at Wanderers Football Park before all official PAL U8-U16 competition games commence each Match Day at the Wanderers A-League training base.

Being played on a smaller 5-a-side pitch with Goalkeepers, 3×2 goals, and qualified referees – the Development Academy League will provide our next generation of Spark Futbol Academy players an amazing platform to learn and grow inside a professional game-relevant setting. Significantly improving the current transition from what is usually solely local community 4-a-side football straight into PAL for many players – which can prove quite a significant jump for most at first instance.

With no points or ladder boards, these young players will now be able to start to learn how to play the game of football under the Spark approach without risking any fear or expectation to win a competition. And in an environment that helps foster their love for the game. Whilst also learning and growing as young footballers – and as people.

As part of the program, players also train in our Friday Evening Spark Skills program at Macquarie University Sporting Fields (Spark Futbol HQ’s). Ensuring their foundational skills are being developed in line with their introduction to more structured game-play.

Only players invited into the Pre-Academy should register.

For more information and to put your child forward for consideration please click the EOI (Expression of Interest) button below. 

2023 Summer Pre-Academy Program Player Experience & Inclusions:

  • 8x Weekly Friday Spark Skills Sessions across Terms-4 from Oct to Dec.
  • 6x PAL Development Academy League Match Days (circa 12x games)
  • 6x Pre-Match Team Play Pre Sessions
  • Macquarie University Sporting Fields, Macquarie Park (Friday Spark Skills)
  • Wanderers Football Park (Sunday PAL Development League)
Term-4 (Oct-Dec)
Macquarie University Sporting Fields & Wanderers Football Park
U6/U7 Boys & Girls
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