Where did all the players go?


It’s been circa two decades since the likes of Kewell, Viduka, Bresciano, Cahill, Neill, Emerton, Aloisi, Lazaridis, Schwarzer, Grella, Chipperfield, Kalac, Moore, Okon, Zelic, Bosnich, Slater and Co. (we could go on!) graced Europe’s biggest football leagues and competitions week in week out. Today we could count them on (less than) one hand.

So what’s happened? Where did Australian Footballs top (dare we say, ‘world class’) players go? Or perhaps the bigger question is, what happened to them? And why, 20 years on, have we evidently gone backwards in producing ‘world class’ footballing talent?

In this latest VLOG (below), Spark Futbol Founder & Director, Cam Jones, gives us his ‘2 cents’ on a big topic. Having come through that generation of players – rubbing shoulders with many of them in the youth development systems and NSL (National Soccer League) set ups of the 90’s and early 2000’s – he has hands on experience and views of what we were doing ‘then’ (at a youth development level) vs what we are doing ‘today’. And what he and the Spark Futbol team are doing to try and make a positive change to this for our ‘Next Gen’ of players.

Enjoy and as always …

Be the Spark!

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