Group Development Programs

Filling the gaps in players individual football development!

Spark Futbol GDPs

As with all our ‘Player Experience’ Programs, the Spark Futbol Group Development Programs (GDPs) exist to ‘fill the gaps’ in junior and youth players individual football development and experience. 

Running weekly every term of the year – the Spark Futbol GDPs are designed for players that want to do the “extras”. Irrespective of their age, stage, and current level. GDPs are open to all players to provide an extra level of support and attention within a full-time professional environment that is outcome-driven.

Each GDP focuses on one pillar of the Spark Futbol 4-Key Pillars of Player Development that we have identified is particularly relevant and needed for that age group and bracket. With the primary purpose of maximising their football potential and love for the game!

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Spark Futbol's GDPs are designed to provide each individual player that extra attention and support needed to maximise their potential and love for the game!
Group Development Programs


Who: Tailored for Youth players 11-14 years

Focus: Technical development & conditioning

Experience: High intensity technical focused session with hundreds of touches per player and game-relevant learning, conditioning and sharpening.

Outcome: Improving youth players ability to technically deliver game-relevant skills and find solutions for longer periods in games.

Spark Skills

Who: Tailored for Junior players 5-10 years

Focus: Skill acquisition & development

Experience: Fun, fast moving skills sessions with hundreds of touches per player. Introducing and refining the core foundational skills and solutions required to play the game of football.

Outcome: Improving players technique, skill, and solutions. Inside a model that is transferrable to the game.

Group Development Programs

High-Performance 'Elite' Preparation Programs

Who: Tailored for players 15-18+ years looking to make it professionally (part-time or full-time) and/or prepare for overseas US College Scholarships (or similar).

Focus: Technical & Intellectual Development & Conditioning + Biomechanics & Athletic Performance

Experience: High Intensity Sessions focusing on the necessary detail, quality and individual habits required to make it at a senior professional level. Covering three of Spark Futbol’s 4-Key Pillars of Player Development – Intelligence, Technique, and Biomechanics.

Outcome: Developing technically better, smarter, and physically more capable – and higher performing – footballers.

Group Development Programs

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