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'Directors Dribble'

There’s never a dull moment in football. From all things Spark. To the ‘big issues’ in the game.  The ‘Directors Dribble’ – written by Spark Futbol Founder & Director, Cam Jones – covers it all.

The Lighting of The SPARK!

Well, here we are. The very first ‘Directors Dribble’! And it seemed appropriate to kick things off by taking a look back at the year 2020.…

Pay to Play? Or Pay to Progress?

What am I paying for? Perhaps one of the most common questions in Australian youth football. Supplemented with further questions … Why does it cost so…

Where did all the players go?

It’s been circa two decades since the likes of Kewell, Viduka, Bresciano, Cahill, Neill, Emerton, Aloisi, Lazaridis, Schwarzer, Grella, Chipperfield, Kalac, Moore, Okon, Zelic, Bosnich, Slater…