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Filling the gaps in junior and youth player development .... every school holidays!

Spark Futbol Holiday Programs

As with all our ‘Player Experience’ Programs, the Spark Futbol Holiday Programs exist to ‘fill the gaps’ in junior and youth players individual football development and experience. With the primary purpose of maximising each players football potential and love for the game!

Running every school holiday period – Spark Futbol provide a range of holiday programs and experiences.

From ‘Open-Invite’ Training Camps and Specialist ‘Spark Striker’ & ‘Spark Stopper’ (GK) Camps. To Selective Holiday Invitational Competitions. Along with 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and Small Group training options.

Providing players with unique and enjoyable ‘football holiday experiences’ that continue to accelerate their individual development and SPARK their passion and love for the game!

Check out the full list below and we’ll see you on the pitch!

Be the Spark!

Spark Holiday 'Player Experiences'

There's no holiday like a 'football holiday'!
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'Spark Striker' Specialist Camps

Who: Attacking players – Midfielders & Forwards – or any player looking to improve their ability to score more goals! Tailored for committed Academy & Rep level players 9-17 years.

Focus: Technical, Intellectual, and Biomechanical development, refinement and conditioning specific for goal scoring in and around the box.

Experience: Personalised Small Group speciality ‘Striker’ training. Teaching and learning the ‘art’ of scoring goals. A critical, yet rarely taught, part of the game of football!

Movement, Speed, Runs, Body Position, Shooting to Score – the ‘Spark Striker’ Specialist Camps hone in on the technical, intellectual, and physical speed training and skillsets required to become a top-shelf ‘Striker’ that has the ‘SPARK’ to make a difference in and around the box!

Outcome: We’re making goal scorers here! Accelerating attacking players technical, intellectual, and physical speed development in and around the box. So that they can get into goal scoring positions more often and score more goals, come match day! And, most importantly, help them to keep loving the game!

Training Camps

Who: Tailored for committed players 6-16 years

Focus: Technical, Intellectual, and Biomechanical development, refinement and conditioning.

Experience: Three back-to-back fun, all-action, fast-paced days that transition the players through a linear development experience – from biomechanics, to technique, intelligence, positional and competition games (pending each holidays camp theme).

Outcome: Accelerating players technical, intellectual, and biomechanical  development and learnings over a condensed 3-day window. Prepare players and teams for upcoming seasons. And, most importantly, help them to keep loving the game!

Holiday Programs NSW

Holiday Program Options

Check out our upcoming Holiday Program options below and BOOK EARLY to avoid missing out!

IFA National Cup 2024

April 15-18 (Mon-Thurs) + Pre-Cup Prep Session April 10th (Wed)
Wanderers Football Park (Blacktown International Sports Park)
Daily based on age
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