The Academy

An outcome-driven football environment. 'Filling the gaps' in aspiring and committed players individual development.

The Spark Futbol Academy ... What is it?

The Spark Futbol Academy exists to ‘fill the gaps’ in aspiring and committed junior and youth players individual football development and experience. 

Operating 12-Months a year, and tailored for committed, aspirational players – those selected into the Academy have the opportunity to accelerate their individual development by working closely with our coaches and mentors across all of the Spark Futbol 4-Key Pillars of Player Development;

  • Intelligence
  • Technique
  • Biomechanics
  • Mindset

On-ground the players train under the ‘Deconstructed Box Game’ Method & Curriculum. Designed and created by Spark Futbol and inspired by some of the leading global practises and trends in coaching today. Tailored to create technically better and smarter footballers.

Players then have the opportunity to continue to advance their game with optional extra Skills (6-11) and Tecnico (12-18) sessions. Plus, 1-on-1 / 2-on-1  Technical & Athletic Performance sessions. Along with School Holiday Academy Training Camps, Specialist Camps and Competitions.

As part of the Academy program, players also play in the Premier Academy League (PAL) competition/s – the premier junior and youth team competition in Sydney for leading Private Academies state-wide.

Delivered with the highest level of professionalism and standards – both operationally and competitively on the field – the PAL small sided football format provides players with an environment that accelerates their development and learnings through the high repetition of game actions and scenarios in tight spaces. With the intensity only repeatable in full-competition and against top quality opposition. The PAL also allows our players and coaches to regularly assess how the players development is tracking and continually tailor the development program to suit.

For more information and to put your child forward for selection and/or a trial, please contact us at with your child’s Name, DOB, and Playing Experience.

Be the Spark!

Academy Program Options

Players selected into the Spark Futbol Academy have the option of Full-Time 12-Month registration, Term to Term Part-Time registrations, and additional / associated programs and competitions. Check out the latest registrations options below!