About Us

The Spark is a MINDSET. A PERSPECTIVE. A way of LIFE. In it for a bigger PURPOSE.


We believe in putting the person at the centre of their football development.


To help future-proof young players for tomorrow.


Realised potential. As players and people.


To be the global leader in junior and youth individual player development.

Establishing a World Class football methodology that is outcome-driven and globally accessible. Creating a movement that makes a positive and lasting difference to future footballers (and people) in Australia, and all over the world.

Maximising their football potential and love for the game.


Spark Futbol was established amidst a global pandemic by a team of highly experienced, qualified, and passionate Australian coaches that saw and believed that football – in particular junior and youth development – could be better.

Created, designed, and birthed out of the vision of Spark Futbol’s Founder & Director, Cam Jones – a former elite / professional level player, former Coerver Coaching Director, and current AFC / FFA B Licenced Coach & Technical Director / Advisor – the view was formed that for a player to truly maximise their football potential and love for the game, they needed to be provided an environment to develop in a holistic capacity that was centred around football experiences and learnings that were game-relevant. And via a methodology and curriculum that was constantly evolving, backed by research,  and covered what were identified as the 4-key pillars of a player’s development;

  • Intelligence
  • Technique
  • Biomechanics
  • Mindset

This holistic vision then resonated into every area of the business. As the gaps in Club Support, Player Mentorship & Representation, Facilities, and Non-for-Profit Community Initiatives were identified – and a plan to fill them laid out. 

The Spark was, then, lit!

"The SPARK is what we desire to build into all our players and partners. The SPARK is what changes a game of football. Individually and collectively.

The SPARK is in it for something more than itself. It has a purpose. It has passion. It stands out in the dark. It creates a movement that is positive, collaborative, and makes a difference in the world."

Cam Jones
Spark Futbol Founder & Director


Our Signature Approach to developing the football player - and person - covers four key areas of development ...


The players ability to see the picture, find solutions, and make quick and effective decisions has a direct link to player effectiveness. This is Football Intelligence. And at the centre of all we do.


It’s one thing for a player to know what to do. It’s another thing for them to be technically capable to execute in a game. Game-relevant technical competency is what we teach!


Optimal functional movement allow players to, well, PLAY! Coordination and  balance leads to strength, speed, and power. Which leads to athleticism. Which leads to freedom to play the game they love!


Positive Mindset, Growth Mindset, Self Awareness, Resilience, Healthy Winning Mentality, Discipline, Sacrifice, Self Control, Respect, Humility. All skills that can be learnt, trained and refined. For both football and life!

Senior Coaching Staff

Meet the Spark Futbol Senior Leadership Team & Coaches

Andreas Fotakopoulos

Senior Coach


Julian Mora

Senior Coach & Speed Coach