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Filling the gaps in specialised player development training & programs!


As with all our ‘Player Experience’ Programs, the Spark Futbol Specialist Programs exist to ‘fill the gaps’ in junior and youth players individual football development and experience.

Designed, tailored, and built to the need of the individual and/or specific footballing skillset.

Personally assisting and mentoring the player in developing and refining key strengths and weaknesses in their game, specific to their need. Positionally, Athletically, Technically, and Intellectually through four specialist program types;

  • Spark Striker
  • Spark Stopper (Goalkeeper) in partnership with Tee-3 GK
  • Spark Speed x Athletic Performance
  • Tecnico 1-on-1s + 2-on-1s
  • Small Group

Spark Specialist Programs are open to all players (albeit some with age restrictions) to provide an extra level of support and attention within our full-time professional environment that is outcome-driven. With the primary purpose of maximising their football potential and love for the game!

For more information and to book a Spark Specialist program or package, please contact us at headoffice@sparkfutbol.com with your child’s Name, DOB, and Playing Experience.

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Spark Striker

Who: Attacking players – Midfielders & Forwards – or any player looking to improve their ability to score more goals! Tailored for players 9-18 years + Seniors. From aspiring junior / youth players to pro.

Focus: Technical, Intellectual, and Biomechanical development, refinement and conditioning specific for goal scoring in and around the box.

Experience: Personalised Small Group speciality ‘Striker’ training. Teaching and learning the ‘art’ of scoring goals. A critical, yet rarely taught, part of the game of football!

Movement, Speed, Runs, Body Position, Shooting to Score – the ‘Spark Striker’ Specialist Program hones in on the technical, intellectual, and physical speed training and skillsets required to become a top-shelf ‘Striker’ that has the ‘SPARK’ to make a difference in and around the box!

Outcome: We’re making goal scorers here! Accelerating attacking players technical, intellectual, and physical speed development in and around the box. So that they can get into goal scoring positions more often and score more goals, come match day! And, most importantly, help them to keep loving the game!

Spark Speed x Athletic Performance

Who: Tailored for players 9-18 years

Focus: Football Speed & Athletic Performance.

Experience: Personalised, bespoke Speed & Athletic Performance sessions with Strength Based Home Training Program, run by Spark Futbol’s Speed Coach Julian Mora. Trained and Qualified Personal Trainer, S&C, Athletic Performance and Speed Specialist Coach.

Outcome: Exponentially improving Speed & Athletic Performance specifically tailored to a footballers biomechanical movements and needs.

1 on 1 Programs
Football Experience

Tecnico 1-on-1s + 2-on-1s

Who: Tailored for players 7-18 years + Seniors

Focus: Technical development & conditioning

Experience: Personalised, bespoke high intensity technical conditioning sessions tailored to the players needs.

Outcome: Improving and refining players technical and game-relevant behaviours, movements, and conditioning. Building technical and conditioning foundations that can transition into the game.

Spark Small Group

Who: Tailored for players 6-11 (Skills) and 12-16 (Tecnico)

Focus: Technical learning, development, conditioning and refining (based on age and stage).

Experience: Personalised, bespoke, technical sessions. Designed to allow for both learning and development. But also stretching and refining under full pressure with other group members.

Outcome: Correcting, refining, developing and conditioning players technique so they can deliver game-relevant skills and find solutions for longer periods in games. Max 6 per group.

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