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Along with his football knowledge and experience, our Founder & Director, Cam Jones, has 14 years of media, marketing, and brand experience with global powerhouses Bauer Media and Scentre Group (Westfield). 

Couple that with the hands-on experience of creating and establishing a football brand & organisation from the ground up, and the end-product is a rare mix of brand x football insights and best practices that could significantly reshape a club, association, federation or schools in-market image, position, and (most importantly!) engagement with its audience.

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Find your clubs SPARK!

Understanding how to best position your football club and it's brand, create relevant content, and engage your audience, is no easy task in the world of football. Let us help you out!
Football Brand Support


Understanding and delivering branding in football is a universal challenge for most organisations involved in the game. But make no mistake, your ‘brand position’ is directly linked to your on-field success. So it’s critical clubs, associations, federations and schools get this right!

Who are you? What do you stand for? What’s your identity? How do you communicate that and package up your assets so that they are scalable and repeatable? Let’s chat …

Social Media

Need help engaging your community? Curating quality content? Increasing your audience? Creating a following? 

Well, you need a plan! And the ability to deliver! We can help …

Football Brand Support
Football Brand Support


A good football website goes far deeper than an in-market position. A good football website can “give you your football life back!”. And set a foundation to build all other brand assets on.

Let’s light the Spark on this ASAP!