Crafted and refined over 3+ decades of football knowledge and experience – from grassroots to pro – Spark Futbol have developed a set of unique and specialised Curriculums all with one thing in common …



Well, simply put, everything we were seeing in the game – from juniors into seniors – was showing us that detailed, knowledgeable, individual player-centred coaching and development had all but disappeared from the game.

So … we set out to fix it!

The Spark Futbol ‘Deconstructed Box Game’ Methodology was then born!

And hundreds of young Sydney players football development gaps filled, rebuilt, and accelerated.

With the ultimate goal of maximising each individual players potential and love for the game.

Our Training Camps provide young players – NEW & EXISTING – the opportunity to experience and develop under this approach across three jam-packed mornings of player-centred football development.

With players split by age and stage to maximise their individual learnings and development across the three days.


Who’s it for? Tailored for committed and engaged players who love their football and want to learn and develop inside a professional outcome-driven environment. Via a market-leading (and rarely found) individual player-centred development Methodology and Curriculum(s). Boys & Girls 6-15 years.

Player Development Focus? Individual Technical, Intellectual, and Biomechanical development, refinement and conditioning.

Player Experience? 9-hours of game-relevant player-centred training and games from the Spark Futbol ‘Deconstructed Box Game’ Methodology & Curriculum(s) across three back-to-back fun, all-action, fast-paced days.

Player Outcome? Accelerating players technical, intellectual, and biomechanical development and learnings over a condensed 3-day window. Improving their competence, confidence, and effectiveness in matches. And, most importantly, help them to keep loving this great game!

April 22nd -24th, 2024 (Mon-Wed)
Christie Park, Macquarie Park
9am - 12pm each day
6 - 15 years
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